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Disabled accounts?

Don't let your instagram business die!

Don't let your business die!

Recap is able to massively recover your Instagram accounts while you step aside and continue your marketing activities.

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Recover your Disabled or Banned Instagram Accounts

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If you are here, it's most likely because you are facing issues recovering your disabled Instagram account (s), or because you have a significant amount of accounts to recover which would take too much time to do manually.

Are you struggling handling your banned accounts? Don't worry. We have ideally created this service to help you. Believe it or not, we have the highest success rate and we are ready to recover all of your accounts at once!

Recover your disabled Instagram accounts!

Starting at

$ 19 .95 /Month
What's included

One Charge-Free Slot

Unlimited Accounts

Unlimited Appeals

Email Notifications

Telegram Bot

Dedicated Support

Willing to simultaneously unban multiple accounts?

It will cost you less than a coffee! Only 0,03$ daily charge per extra slot.

How does it work

Recap hard queries the Instagram reactivation center until your account gets reactivated.

For each appeal, AI technology is applied to finalize the unbanning process by generating responses based on Instagram's feedback.

Bear in mind that your account(s) won't always get enabled upon the first appeal. For this reason, our system repeats the process either until a positive feedback is received, or when the user intentionally stops processing the account.

If this process is manually addressed, it may require a lot of time until a successful reactivation is achieved – reason why Internet marketers choose us.

Use instructions



Simply create an account with a valid e-mail and a password.


Setup your accounts

Add your accounts to the re-activation queue. You can enable overcharge protection to limit the number of re-activation requests for each account.


Wait for feedback

Once your accounts are in queue, they will be automatically processed. There are only two possible outcomes for each request:

  • Positive

    This means your account is re-activated and it will be removed from the queue.

  • Negative

    The request received negative feedback from Instagram, and the process must repeat.

Note: your accounts will keep being processed until positive feedback is received or either they are manually removed from the queue.


[Q] How do accounts get charged and what is the free slot?

If you bought a subscription, you will get a Free of charge slot included. Any accounts running outside of this slot, will get you charged with $0.03 daily from your balance.

[Q] How long do I need to wait to get my accounts unbanned?

Unfortunately, it doesn't depend completely on us. When you start processing an account, we immediately begin the process of appealing your ban and seek for Instagram's feedback, which may take up to three non-business days to receive.

[Q] What happens when Instagram refuses to unban the account?

That's the secret of our service: we will keep sending appeals until your ban will eventually get lifted. For this reason, a successful reactivation on accounts that seriously violated the terms of service may require days, weeks or (in some rare cases) even months.

[Q] Which payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept TransferWise and Coinbase (BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, USDC) payments.

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